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洛奇英雄传出现了, Resentment arise from little faults not beforgiven.


CHAPTER VI.Keep forms of etiquette

Desire is the basic motion of human, but you cannever leave it grow like a weeds, or it will bring you firedisaster.

能有其有者安, Contentment with what you have, will bring you towardto peace, greed with other's have, will bring take you toward toconflict.

Flatter could never be hurt, but it actually killingyou. Censure could never be comfort, but it actually train you tosurvive.


Listening with delight to flattery and with disgust tocandid expostulation, are walk toward to ruin.

I believe there is no king will do that if he reallyhave a clear vision.


To reward those who have no merit and punish those whohave committed no fault, is truculent.

Right way and right person is much important whenyou perform your action. Don't give an opportunity to arouse angryagainst you.


To rewards upon the wrong person or wrong way, and topunish upon the wrong person or wrong way, will bringrevolt.

The resentment is like a seed, it all grow from tinysmall pinhead. But it could grow big enough to bring the realdisaster. The only way to eliminate is virtue. So the wise decisionis kill it when it is still a seed.


Do not have tolerance with small resentment, seriousresentment will arise.

To reward small merit, will show how the things likethat going that encourage people do things like that for you. Ifyou even not reward small merit, no one will believe you that youwill reward if they do something bigger good to you when that couldcost some of their resource. Who will willing to waste theirresource fornothing.


If small merit be not rewarded, great merit will not beperformed.

Be cruel just a way to fit the special scenario, butif you worship cruel believe it could solve all your problem, thatwill not work. Not to mention, whenever how cruel you are, youshould remember, you are still an easy target. And when peopletired you, imagine what will happen to you.


To constrain people through punishment will not worktoo long.

To assemble people by using morality, then thepeople will naturally come together with you around. That seemlooks like you herd sheep by using freshgrass.


Morality spread will bring peopletogether.

To use those people you are commit but cannot trust,that will lift the cost of you information getting, also will raisethe risk of you decision making. The more untrustworthy people inyour life, the more muddy of your life will going tobe.


To commits responsibilities to the untrustworthy, andnone to those who may be confided in, is turbid.

Balance is the basic feature of human being. Peopleis hard to be pure good or pure evil. Mistakes always around human.There are people work hard to do well, also work hard to do evil.But when it counts, what will you calculate in you book will showyour characteristic. If you are the one only see people's fault,and always give punishment, that will make you a figure oftyrant.


To ignore virtuous deeds, but unforgettable on fault,is tyrannical.

That is easy to understand, who want to bribe therepresentative of public, definitely want tocorrupt.

bad allocation貨賂公行者昧

Bribes come with ambiguity.

When warriors are poor, no one will be a solider.When politician are rich, everyone want to be a talker. Forexample, a kingdom, everyone talk instead of work, the kingdomobviously will fall.


Warriors are poor, politicians are rich, and the Statewill fall.

For a long term think, if you ask too much andproductive too little will really harm you reputation. When youreputation is low enough, you will realize how important it is.Because all your life is based on your reputation, even it looklike air.


To ask much and productive less willwithered.

No doubt to explain this situation of above. Alwaysfind a stable cover is a good choice.


If a man lost cover of his secret plan will bedefeated.

About the extra risk most about the nature of human,for example, some policy may looks devise good to solve the facialproblem. But not all the hidden factor could be calculated becauseresource is always limited even about human wisdom. So if the planis inhuman, that will make the have a strong rock on the plan'sway, which is human nature. We don't know how power and efficientthe plan is, but one thing could be sure, that against human naturewill really set the plan a long back. So for the plan's good, makeit more humanity.


Whether how good the strategy is, if it is inhuman,that will cause extra risk unveil.

The Tao is like the bones of human body, other meritlike the muscle, they need the bones to support. If you lost theroot even you have the strongest muscle, you are stillweak.

学习volume allocation失其所強者弱

Lost Tao will make you weak, even you have enough othervirtue.

People who focus on contribution will not care howhigh level position he could reach, he will fully use what he gotto do what he should do. Otherwise, if people focus on reachinghigher position, that will cause him lost his patient to deal whathe should do right now, and these kind of people are moreaggressive rather than productive.


To care more about how high the level of his position,will care less about what his contribution on thisposition.

Only when you win the heart of people, people willreally follow you and watch you back or be you sword. Most of manonly learn some skill to control people by hold something theycan't reject you. That may work temporally, but it'sjust like you captive a wild lion by whip and meat, one carelesswill cost you everything.


When you have people only through win them heart,otherwise it will leave anyway.

Always use right people to do what he is good at. Ifyou use the wrong man or you use the right man but do something heis not good at, will cause extra risk.


To choice a person for a job but without fitness way,will cause risk.

Let it go, move on, could be the best strategy tomake you success. If you hold something bad that also a burden inyour heart, even the memory could be an important alert, but youalso should remember how to forgiving, that is what god do, youalso should learn it.


To hold someone's old fault in your hand and never letit go, and ignore present merit, that isinauspicious.

Root is in the dark soil, no beauty, but root is thebase of flower, even the flower is so much beauty, but only survivewith the root. So when you reach the top and enjoy the sun, shallnever forget to care about the root, that is you reliable support.The root decide what you can even it looks so low anddegrading.


The man only remember how honored now he is, andforgets what bring him the honor, will not enjoy his honorlong.

Everything will balance itself, people will alsobalance themselves. When you get too much and pay too little. Thatwill cause youlost your reputation, when youlost your reputation, you will hard to get more, so it is balanced,just maybe you don't see far enough to realize how natureworks.


To pay out a little, but desire too much, will get noreturn at all.

People don't like surprise, especially which willbring uncalculating risk. When you suddenly break agreementunexpected, that will make people wonder. Unexpected will hurtallies and friend, and all that will bring unexpectedopposition.


To make an agreement with another and then suddenlybreak it without any proper explanation, that will causeunharmonious.

Giving people unreliable hope, or not fulfill peoplewhat you promised completely, will definitely cause complains. Forordinary people, they will omit it. But when you really calculateit carefully for a long term period, you will find that will causeyou a lot. You will lost much more than you realized. Thatunreliable words will push people cannot trust you anymore. Whenthat info spread and grow like a seed plan in the soil, and whenthat day it becomes a common view. That will really teach you whatyou done is a very bad deal to you.


To promises much and gives little will becomplained.

Be generous to talent, to reward meritorious peopleinstant. When what you rightness and generous spread enough, youwill got the people's heart, and that power could trounce all youenemy. Or maybe better, you will have noenemy.


To reward meritorious should full award, or will hurtmorale.

You got a seed, you plant it in the right time,right place, and it will grow to a tree maybe a forest, you even donothing just put it to soil. You got a seed, but you put it in thebox, you waste it. If you even desire the seed in box to be a tree,then you waste yourself.

dual allocation既用不任者疏

To employs people irrespective of theirpeculiar capabilities will incur alienation.

The People surround king who are not willing tellthe truth, but to amuse the king. Good subordinates are isolated,bad one prevail. People's heart already leave the King. That is theprelude of the kingdom's doom.


King who estranges the people. Subordinate are sham.The kingdom will fall apart.

Be careful to calculate what you get and what youshould pay. Sometimes when you stingy only for the reason of savingsomething like money, you may lose the big opportunity of gettingmore in the future. For example, the morale, try to calculate howmuch money you should pay to rise it up and make people believe youand follow you. Of course morale is very hard to calculate, that iswhy generous and rightness is always the best strategy to befulfill.


He who ignores merit on account of some trifling lapse,will injury the morale and weaken your controlpower.

Your followers will not afraid how cruel you are,cause you also an easy target. But you follower will afraid yourjustice, cause when you always stand with justice, people rely onyou. You become the important part of this society. To hurt youwill be the enemy of this society. Cause people need justice somuch. So when you stand with justice, you can never do things likegood to yourself but bad toothers.

我不知道volume allocation自厚而薄人者棄

He who is generous as regards himself and niggardly indealing with his fellows, will be abandoned.

If you start a rules, then it should be obey by allthe people, most of time, you should start yourself, if time isright, you will have support and follower. Otherwise if you writerule not to yourself, only to force people to do it. And you evenstart to disobey your rule, but only force people to do it. Itactually will not work in the end. People will leavingyou.


To stand a rule only make others to obey but indulgeyourself. It will cause confusion, confusion will causedisobey.

For example, a sheep with lion skin, and sit in thelion position. And the sheep is finally be a king of the forest.But what the difference when compare with the real lion? The answeris the sheep will waste himself because he do not have the abilityto control the congress, there are too much fox and wolfthere.


He whose reputation is greater than his actualabilities will drain himself and lost himself as aresult.

In history conquer and be conquered like a brother,they always find each other. No matter how power you are, no matterhow much enemy you have killed, yourself still an easy target. Soconquer is only the tools to reach there. If you want to make youposition stable, you need something else beyondforce.


The man who win and conquer his opponent only by forcebut without mercy will also be conquered by force at last verysoon.

Of course you can let a sheep dress up like a dog todo the real dog's work. But it will not work. Of course human beingcan change, can be trained, and they are definitely not sheep ordog. But there are still something in the deep cannot change or betrained, and that is really weight to decide if itworks.


If the monarch gives office to a man through unreliableevaluate, the one will not be booming longperiod.

In China history, there are a lot of beauty womencause the kingdom fall apart. Of course also have wise women makekingdom rise. So, this is hard to jump to a conclusion. But one forsure, women could be powerful. In here if we want a more logicexplanation, we should translate women in to femininity. Andtranslate beauty to attractiveness.


If women join in politics and use the advantage of herbeauty instead of true wisdom, will cause disorder forensue.

It's very obviously how the way human mind works.When a man close to attracted women, he will lost most of hisability of logic thinking. That is definitely lost one's mind. Whenyou lost your mind you will definitely couldn't to judge. Andfurthermore, if you choice to leave away those people watch youback and who could give you reliable advice when you confuse. Whenyou get that situation, you really don't know what is right andwhat is wrong, that is deluded, verydangerous.


He who consorts much with beautiful women, and leaveaway with the people of virtuous, is deluded.

Telling the truth may have risk, and could hurtsomeone, but the hurt is in good way. The good hurt will alarm youand collect you behavior like teacher's criticism. Compare withtelling the truth, flattering is much smooth and easy to do by youcloser, but that will only cause you to make things worse andworse, and at the end, you will be definitely to doom by yourself.Because no one stop you when you are wrong. What is luck? When yougo to paradise no one stand in your way, and when you go to hellpeople stand in your way. That is good luck. The bad luck is, whenyou go to paradise people stand in your way, and when you go tohell no one stop you.

allocation tracker親讒遠忠者亡

If like flatterers and keeps aloof from the honest andtruth teller, he will be misled to doom by soon.

People always hate friend who looks nice but showmean at their back. When a man do like that, even the third peoplewill feel sick, and the two face man will be isolated at enddefinitely. And no good people want to be his truefriend.


Aman who make friends without treat them for own true heart. Totreat people very different when behind their back will beisolated.

To honor who should be honored, will show yourightness and mature. Otherwise disrespect one you should berespect that will make people believe you are arrogance andignorance.


It is inauspicious to treat the honored with negligenceor disrespect.

In the history of ancient China, before the kingdomwill be defeated, the kings they always have some common bad habit,one of these is affront to his loyal subordinates who fulfillimportant responsibility. The King Zhou of Shang(about 1046 BC), Healmost hurt all the people who are actually protect him and hiskingdom, and all this happen that is because the king listen tosome villain's defamation.


It is dangerous to treat a man with contumely whofulfill duty with important responsibility.

Be a rightness people is very nice, people will relyon you. But if you so pride with your rightness and insult someonethat is not as good as you. That will make people hate you, andfurther more when negative aggregation that will bring youtrouble.


Aman who got rightness but brings shame on others, will meet withretribution.

Ordinary people angry will cause a street fight.That is different from the Lord's angry, that will cause much morebecause the power behind it is different. So evaluate you powerbehind you motion, that is the real reason affect others. Don'tlike a sheep with a tiger skin, yell in the forest. That isdangerous.


Angry without inspiring awe, will beinsult.

If you words not logical and show instability, willmake you order counter order itself, which is not professional. Sopeople will not trust you. That will make you orderuseless.


Those who order people by countermanding the ordersthey have previously given, will weaken the power ofhimself.

When you are truly believing something, ask peopleto believe, people may will follow. When you even not believesomething and ask people to believe, of course no one will follow.That explain in the history, why some honored king say somethingand all the people in kingdom obey. And even the cruelest king dohis best to control his people, the people always try to againsthim. It's not about how hard you push. The muscle make the arrowreach there, but to hit the center, it's not only about yourmuscle.


Those commands are at variance with the man'sconsciences and his behavior, because follower willobey.

People believe promise because they believed. Thenpeople believed, there are real energy produce and stock in theirheart. So when they realize the promise is fake. The energy couldeasily be reversed from helping to destroy.


Those who provoke animosity by fake promise will incurdisaster.

People sometime easily be captivate by something orsomeone, when in that time, they nearly lost their ability tothinking. When that happen often, that will definitely cause theresult make the people became deluded.


Those who are often fascinated by things will becaptivate and lost the way to return home.

If you are clever enough, you are enough to findother's fault. But if you are wisdom enough, you will find fault ofyourself. And that could have you to avoid mistake and make you tothrive. Otherwise, you just hoodwink yourself to your weakness andthat is very dangerous.


Those who are unconscious of their own faults arehoodwink.

People who claim toknow somethingimportant doesn't mean he really is. But definitely show othersthat the situation is under his control. If he really knows thekeys, he already have the advantage, things will going to what hewant. Proclaim will have follows but also will have enemies. Thatwill against himself to control. So why do that to face the extrarisk. We conclude in the most case, when people do that shows he isactually not control very stable.


Those who proclaim their own cleverness to theirinferiors are themselves ignorant.



Make yourself rightness.

CHAPTER V.Follow the rule.

World belong to everyone, so even the strongestking, if he betray the people, he also sure to die in therevolution by people. So the only things could annoying the peopleis nothing more than selfishness.


There is nothing more certain to bring ruin to you thanover selfishness.

If you don't sure someone is reliable, but you useit on some important position. That is very dangerous, almost likeyou hire a stranger to manager all yourassets.


There is nothing more dangerous than appoint someonewhom you have reason to suspect.

Pride too much, and ignore other people. Believeeveryone else is lower than yourself. To do thingswithout thinking about other people. That is like cockiness. Whenyou have this hobbit. You nearly blind yourself. You ignoringothers doesn't mean they are weaker than you. You just put yourselfwithout cover. When times coming, you will be an easytarget.

bad allocation孤莫孤於自恃

There is nothing that isolates a man than cockinesshimself.

Even in the night or a dark hole, you still coulduse torch to light the road. But if you indulge in avarice. That isdark enough blinding you to recognize the road totruth.


There is nothing that make your blindness thanavarice.

Morality is a protection from all the world. Becauseof you gain with morality, you will be protect by other peopleinclude everything in nature. On the other side, gain withoutmorality, you will lost the protection. People and nature arewilling to raid who gain too much but without morality and callthese activity are revolution, of course who perform this activityare hero or angel. So guess no one like to be killed by a hero orangel. That means you deserve to hill and no one will save you fromthat black hole. Even the most greedy and bad person only do thethings is too dedicate to a career that is moving gold from somehole to some hole, even all the hole is on the planet, and all hiswrong is he just too focus on his career and forget to take careothers. So why a remover be end miserable like these? Just don'tleave away with morality.

对于bad allocation短莫短於苟得

There is nothing shorter possess than immoralitygain.

Balance is all that counts. Lost balance will causedisease. Instability means unpredictable. If things unpredictable,then you can't prepare. That means you will cost more to makeyourself balance. In these kind of situation, is the basic reasonof disorder. That is the mother of disease.


There is no greater sickness than that whichinstability.

When you can't control your desire, covetousnesswill eat you. Symptom like, first, you will beaprosexiaor excessive concentration. Become stubborn,you can't focus what you want, or just see what you want and ignoreeverything else. Second, you will loss control of balance, thatmeans you will force yourself to get too much and take no care thatwill cause huge waste to others, and waste will definitely produceharm, but you don't see it. Third, you will find you got very lowerefficient of using what you got, you be a slave of collect things,just waiting other to eat you. For short. It's like a hell, ahungry man in the hill eat all the time but never satisfied. That'sa trap made by oneself.

bad allocation悲莫悲於精散

There is nothing more sorrowful than dispersing yourspirit.

Covetousness will eat you if you can't control youdesire. It's like course, eating forever but still hungry, drinkforever but still thirsty. That like a hill, Endlesssuffering.


There is nothing bitterer thancovetousness.

If you lost control of your desire, you will nevercontentment what you have. The unlimited desire like a hell neverbe fulfilled, so you be a slave of yourself. Then bad thingshappen. On the deep thought, this is all about efficient, some wisebelieve, if you have enough power to use efficient what you have,then you already have enough. Of course if you don't know how toput what you have efficient, you will always feel other's better.That's a trap. So I believe it's the balance that counts. I think Ihave to win something, I also realize I have to fully use of whatyou win, if I waste it. The more I got, the more I waste. If wasteenough, god will kill you.


There is nothing more felicitous thancontentment.

If you want a deeper insight into hidden level ofthings. You have to use your senses. By eat an apple, then youunderstand what it taste. That's the only way. Of coursecommunicate can help you, but everyone's sense is not the same, soyou have to relay it by yourself.


The only way to have a clear version of things is tofeel it.

To believe could make people focus on what theybelieve. When you focus enough, your thought is pure, then you cantouch more deep than others.


There is nothing more miracle than trulysincerity.

When you are child, the younger you are the more youwilling to help and share, because it is in your nature, come fromthe deep of your heart. When you grow up you could give up somekind of nature in order to ready for battle. But when you give yourhand to help someone, you still can feel the deep touch of yourheart, whenever you try harder to resist it. It'snature.


There is nothing more cheerful than willing to helppeople who need you.

If you got too much money or reputation, then youput yourself in more dangerous situation. But if you got too muchmorality, then you just more safe. Money and reputation put you indangerous, morality keep you in safe. So should balance them. Ifyou can't balance it, risk will stop you keepgoing.So if you believe long shot, you shouldput morality at first. How to understand this, this is come fromhuman nature, people take money and reputation from others, butpeople never take morality from other, especially, people morewilling to join those who has morality. Because their soul feelsafe when then close to morality, and people willing to help inorder to close morality. That's nature. Then the question is how todefine morality. You don't define, as a human, you always balanceyourself from angel and devil, the power to keep you toward angel,which is morality. You are be born with these power, make suredon't lost it if you want a long shot.

dual allocation先莫先於修德

There is nothing more first than accumulatemorality.

When you at an ultimate situation, you have toenduring in order to make yourself survive.Butenduring doesn't mean you give up be stronger, you just hide yougrowing power for the long shot.


There is none more safe and peace than you can good atenduring.

Because of thinking, you could prepare planproperly. Because of properly plan, you got advantage.Because of advantage, you got more chance tosurvive.


There is nothing more could make you survive longerthan ample deliberation.



Aman who got rightness but brings shame on others, will meet withretribution.

If a peoallocation unit sizeple who have merit of all these four above, heis an elite in human history.

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